What Is a Criminal Record Expungement?

Having a criminal record can stop you from working in certain industries, living in some places, and having certain rights. Once you serve your sentence and make amends, there is a way you can clean up your criminal record. Expungement may allow you to seal your criminal record, which limits who has access to it.

The Basics

It is important to understand that expungement does not remove charges from your record. It seals your record, which means there is limited access to it. For example, a judge could see your record, but an employer cannot.

In addition, getting an expungement requires going to court. You will need legal services Vicksburg MS to assist you with preparing your documents and presenting your case to a judge.

The Details

You should note that not every crime is eligible for expungement. In Mississippi, you may seal records relating to most misdemeanors and felonies, according to Mississippi Today. Some convictions are not eligible at all, such as voyeurism, violent crimes, and drug trafficking.

You may only seek expungement of one conviction, and if you had previous expungements, you may have to meet additional criteria to seek a subsequent one. There was a recent change in the law that permits this for misdemeanors, but there may still be restrictions on clearing multiple felonies from your record.

You may also seek the sealing of records pertaining to arrests that did not result in charges or other items on your record for which you never had a conviction.

The Wrap-Up

Criminal record expungement is something worth considering if your criminal background is impacting your life and causing you to suffer. In most cases, if you show you’ve turned your life around and commit to avoiding trouble in the future, a judge will grant your expungement, allowing you to have a better shot at leaving the past behind and moving towards a better tomorrow.

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