Tips for Finding a Great Attorney

Finding a lawyer can be intimidating, while finding a great lawyer can be overwhelming. You can search “internet attorney Shavertown PA,” but to find greatness, you need to do more than a simple internet search. Consider these tips.

Identify Your Needs

What do you need a lawyer for? For example, probate and criminal defense law are very different and require special knowledge. You don’t want to hire a probate lawyer to keep you out of jail. Therefore, your first step should be identifying what type of lawyer you need.

Conduct Some Research

Now that you know what type of lawyer you need, you can do some research. Of course, you should ask those around you, such as your family, friends, peers and business associates, if they know of a great attorney, but your research should not stop there. Look for the law firms’ ratings and outstanding complaints online, such as in online reviews or at the Better Business Bureau, and through your local chamber of commerce. Collect the names of reputable attorneys.

Contact Them

It is likely that you will have to call the lawyers’ offices first. You may have to wait for a return call. Meet with any lawyer who contacts you back within 24 hours, or one business day, or speaks with you on the phone when you call. This suggests that the attorney has the time and resources to work on your case. Ask for and check their references.

Meet With Them

In your initial meeting, determine whether you feel comfortable with the lawyer. If you are uncomfortable, it is unlikely you will be as open about your legal challenges as you need to be. You should also discuss the attorneys’ qualifications and experience, particularly their experience in your area of need. Discuss their current case load and available resources. Ask about their success rate. Find out about their preferred communication method and how often you should expect to hear from them. Finally, discuss your legal fees and when they will be due.

With a little time and research, you can find the right attorney for you.

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