How To Teach a Teen To Drive

Your teenager may believe that he or she knows how to drive just from years of observation. However, there are underage driving laws Starkville MS for a reason. Observing the process is very different from getting behind the wheel, and it is only in the mid-teens or later that young people develop the necessary skills.

While the law sets the minimum age that your teenager can start learning to drive, it does not require that you start teaching him or her at this age. When you decide that your teen is ready, here is a guide to get the process going in the right direction.

1. Start With the Basics

Before your teen even gets to start the vehicle, familiarize him or her with the features, controls, and warning indicator lights with the car parked and off.

2. Refresh Yourself on the Rules of the Road

To make sure that you and your teen are on the same page, review your student’s driving instruction materials. Re-familiarize yourself with the rules of the road and, more significantly, how they are being taught today. This may be very different from the way you were instructed.

3. Find a Safe Location

The best place to allow your teen to operate the vehicle for the first time is someplace like an empty parking lot, where there is plenty of room to maneuver and little chance of running into obstacles.

4. Start Slow, Advance Gradually

Your teen should first learn the most basic skills in an area with no traffic, and you should be sure to instruct him or her to apply the brake, the gas, and turn the wheel slowly. As your teen develops these skills, he or she can gradually pick up speed.

Once he or she masters the basics, you can bring him or her out on actual roads, but these should be low-traffic areas with low speed limits. Eventually, you can take your teen out driving on highways, but choose a time of day when the traffic tends to be light.

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