Concealed Carry Strategies for Women

It has become more common for women to carry concealed weapons. However, women don’t always carry the same way men do. Therefore, learn the laws and consider a few concealed carry strategies.

Choose Proper Concealment Clothing

Your clothing conceals your weapon. Yes, you have a holster, hopefully several, but a holster does not conceal. You may have holsters built into clothing or wear your holsters under your existing clothing. There are also many concealed carry options for women, such as tank tops, undergarments, jackets and coats and off-body carry options, including purses and brief cases, with built-in holsters.

Avoid Fidgeting

You may feel like everyone is watching you or looking right at your weapon, but most of society is rather unobservant. This does not mean you should be callous about concealing your weapon. The best way to reveal that you have a concealed handgun is by fidgeting, adjusting your clothing and gripping or moving your firearm.

If you have a tendency to fidget or adjust your weapon, look at your holster. Is it comfortable? Does it hold your gun securely? You may also consider wearing an undershirt or some form of undergarment between your skin and weapon to improve your comfort.

Carry a Nonlethal Weapon

Your first instinct should not be to draw your weapon. If you are in a life-threatening situation, you want to reach for your gun. However, if someone is harassing you or your situation is not life threatening, e.g., when you face an aggressive animal or a drunk person, consider a nonlethal option, such as pepper spray or a taser. If things escalate and get out of hand, you can then pull your gun, but if you pull it, be prepared to fire accurately to stop your attacker. You should also be trained in self-defense and be prepared to use these skills.

If you carry a concealed weapon, you are responsible for the safety of yourself and those around you and for ensuring that your weapon is properly concealed at all times.  

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