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What To Do After Being Charged With A DUI

If you are charged with a driving under the influence (DUI) citation you will likely turn to a criminal defense lawyer to figure out how to deal with it. Some lawyers even specialize in only handling DUI cases and so are highly knowledgeable about what the options are. If someone can’t afford to hire a criminal defense lawyer to handle their case they may qualify to have a public defender assigned to their case by the court. 
A person will be arrested by a police officer for DUI when there is probable cause that they are guilty. This can be established by field sobriety tests and a field breathalyzer test. If the person fails these tests they are brought back to the police station where a more accurate breathalyzer test may be administered as well as blood being taken to determine what the person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is. In the United States, a BAC over .08 is considered to be too drunk to drive. Utah recently passed a law where that state’s BAC is now .05 for inebriated driving. 

The role of the criminal defense lawyer dealing with a client’s DUI is explained in this Wikipedia entry. The lawyer they hire will provide them with counsel on how to handle this charge. They will also represent their client in court. They will gather all of the documentation about the case, such as the breathalyzer and blood test results, as well as the police report. A DUI lawyer Milwaukee WI, for example, will look at all the facts of the case and if it can be won. If they feel the case is not winnable they will work to reduce the penalties their client faces as much as possible.

This article explains what to do if you’re charged with a DUI. Driving under the influence is the result of poor judgment. Getting behind the wheel after having enough alcohol to hit .08 BAC is not a good decision. It depends on the size of a person on how many drinks it takes to hit this level of inebriation. A small person might hit this level after having drunk just one glass of beer, wine, or a mixed drink. It can take three to four drinks for a large person to hit the limit. 

By far the best way to deal with a DUI is to make plans before you go out for the evening. You should either have a designated driver who didn’t drink or use a taxi or one of the new apps that brings a person with a car to you to get home. The first time you are charged with a DUI you will likely get probation unless you caused an accident. If you hurt other people the judge will be much harsher and can have you serve some jail time. A DUI is a misdemeanor and, in most states, you will have your license suspended, a fine, and ordered to perform community service. States levy more and more consequences for those people with more than one DUI charge.

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