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How to Prevent Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury can have a big impact on both the employee and organization, which is why efforts taken to prevent them are worthwhile. When an injury occurs at work, it can affect productivity and team morale, which ultimately has an impact on bottom line results. This is the reason why many companies invest in workplace safety programs – they recognize the importance of injury prevention. In addition to preventing workplace injuries for financial purposes, there’s also the moral obligation of making sure employees are safe. 

Employee safety programs often consist of ongoing training to confirm that everyone understands standard operating procedures, protocols and policies that dictate how they must respond to dangerous situations that arise in the workplace. Many safety programs even offer incentives to maximize outcomes and minimize bad behaviors that can be costly. The cost involved in an injury is not just surrounding the healthcare for the injured worker, but in many cases, there’s also the cost associated with hiring someone to replace the worker if the injury was serious and required significant time off. Although Workers’ Compensation Insurance often covers the cost of an injury, an increased number of injuries will impact the cost of that insurance. 

In order to mitigate the possibility of a workplace injury, many states have made it mandatory for employers to list the physical requirements of a job in order to ensure candidates are capable of performing required task. Some companies also require job candidates to complete physicals as part of the application process, which confirms their ability to perform the physical responsibilities of the job, such as safely lifting a certain amount of weight. Even when an employer follows all of the best practices related to employee safety, there remains the possibility of the employee contacting a workers compensation attorney kansas city mo

An issue that is notorious for causing problems is not having appropriate staffing levels. When a business is understaffed, it tends to open the door to a greater number of mistakes as employees make an effort to fulfill productivity requirements. By determining the appropriate number of employees required to complete job tasks, employers are more likely to prevent injuries. Costly injuries often occur when employees are in a hurry to get things done. 

Another strategic way to prevent injuries in the workplace is by identifying the kinds of injuries that occur most often and taking the necessary steps to prevent them. For instance, many warehouses require employees to lift boxes and other heavy items. If this is part of an employee’s job, it’s not enough to just provide training, there must be ongoing efforts to ensure adherence to the training received, such as signage throughout the facility that demonstrates proper techniques. 

Perhaps one of the most dangerous issues that cause workplace injuries is the failure of a company to place a cap on the number of hours an employee can work in one day. Although it’s not uncommon for employees to request overtime work because of the financial benefits, allowing employees to work long hours can end up being very costly to an employer, especially if the employee operates heavy equipment.

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