Benefits of Becoming a Notary

Notary Publics prevent fraud and identity theft because they witness the signing of important documents. Therefore, these professionals are highly demanded. They may serve in banks and businesses, or they may be private individuals with notary appointments. Before you submit a notary application Florida, consider these benefits.

Boost Your Resume

Many industries, such as banking, medical, legal, insurance and government, use notaries regularly. Therefore, these employers may seek employees who have notary appointments because they save money on notary services. Notary appointments are a marketable skill and increase your value to your employer.

Flexible Schedule

As an independent notary or notary signing agent, you may work as an independent contractor or serve the public directly. Therefore, you have the ability to set your own hours. Notaries may provide services outside their full-time jobs, be stay-at-home parents or create a home-based notary business. In addition, many clients may request notarizations outside normal business hours because they cannot get away from work themselves. You can choose to have open office hours or require schedule appointments.

Increased Income

Although some notaries work for specific companies and service the company and its employees without charging an addition fee, others serve the general public and can make an additional income.

Notaries charge their clients for their services, and they get to keep all these revenues. Therefore, if your state charges $10 for notary services, you receive $10 for every notary duty you perform. If multiple items must be notarized or if you must travel to a client, your fees may increase significantly.

In addition, notary signing agents are able to sign loan documents and are hired as independent contractors, increasing their income potential exponentially.

Notaries support their communities because they provide valuable services and events for those who may not otherwise be able to afford or who do not know where to find a notary. Therefore, this appointment benefits you and your community.

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