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Who’s At Fault If It’s No One’s Fault?

Driving is a privilege many people partake in. Literally, millions of people drive on roads around the world on a daily basis. With so many vehicles and drivers, an accident or two is bound to happen. Many of us have had our share of experience with auto collisions, even if it was just a little fender bender. For those involved in a major collision, an auto insurance claim will most likely be filed and sometimes, an injury is even sustained. 

Getting in an automobile accident is taxing enough without the added stress of bodily injury. In most states, whenever an injury is sustained in a collision, the injured party will typically sue the other driver’s insurance for medical cost, damages, etc. However, for people who live in a no-fault state, each party must file with their own insurance company. However, if the damages suffered are over a certain amount, you may be able to sue the other driver’s insurance for damages but that’s about it. 

On the other hand, if you reside in a state like Arizona, which is not a no-fault driving state, then you can most certainly sue the whole for the whole gamut. If you search for a personal injury law firm phoenix az, you’ll find an extensive list of attorneys that are experienced in handling auto accident injuries. Filing a personal injury suit can be a very daunting and long process but most lawyers will only take a case they are sure they can win. 

Like any court case, evidence will need to be obtained and claims must be proven. And so, if you’re claiming personal injury, be prepared for many doctors’ visits and, possibly, journaling. Many personal injury lawyers will encourage their clients to keep a daily diary after their accident. While your doctors and lawyers’ visits are documented, there may be some things you deal with day-to-day that you may not think to mention. Documenting daily after your accidents has many benefits that can help your case tremendously in court. 

For example, you may notice that your neck was unusually stiff one morning, or one day it rained and your back began aching. These things and more will help the jury to truly understand what pain and suffering the accident caused. Also, seeing it written down, in black and white, actually helps to validate the claims rather than just telling. 

If you were involved in an auto accident and you, unfortunately, sustained bodily injury, be prepared for a lengthy process. While there are some cases that can settle within a matter of months, most can take anywhere from two to three years to settle. Even though most personal injury cases end with a settlement rather than a jury verdict, keeping a journal can still be a good idea. This documented information may be helpful later on to help your doctor properly treat any ailments that develop as a result of your initial injuries. 

As we enter January one of the coldest months of the year, being extra cautious on the road is imperative. With plenty of snow, sleet and icy roads ahead, driving can be extremely hazardous at times. Take extra precautions so as to stay safe and injury free. Let’s bring in 2019 with a bang, and not with a crash!

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