Is Trial Separation Better Than Legal Separation?

What was the final straw for your marriage?

A study of 52 divorced people sought to discover the most common reasons couples divorce. While arguing and a lack of commitment were at the top of the list, the final straw for most marriages was infidelity.

When it’s time to split up, but not quite time for divorce, married couples can try separating. There are trial, permanent, and legal separations, and each option has its own list of pros and cons. If you need help choosing between a trial separation vs legal separation then this article’s for you.

Read on to learn how to separate from your spouse, the wise way.

What Occurs During Trial Separation

To start the process of choosing between a trial separation vs legal separation, you’ll first need to fully understand what a trial separation entails. When you’re not legally separated but living apart, it’s considered to be a trial separation. Since it’s an informal separation, you won’t have to worry about complying with any type of legal proceedings.

However, it’s still a good idea to reach out to a family lawyer when a separation of any kind takes place. Why get legal help?

Sometimes a trial separation can save the marriage, whereas other times it can help prepare the couple for an inevitable divorce. By securing a divorce lawyer early on, they can advise you on the rules of separation in marriage.

What Is Permanent Separation?

One of the biggest benefits of a trial separation is that you’ll get a chance to decide if staying apart is really what you want. If after living separately, you decide the relationship’s over, you’ll enter into a permanent separation.

Similar to a trial separation, you don’t have to go through any type of legal process. Instead, entering into a permanent separation means you’re both acknowledging the end of your marriage.

What to Expect During Legal Separation

Lastly, a legal separation is something some couples opt for in place of divorce. Sometimes couples choose to separate legally because of religious beliefs they have about divorce. Other times the legal parting of ways is done to maintain health insurance benefits or to keep the family together while the children are raised.

Disadvantages of Legal Separation

A legal separation can wind up costing you a ton of money and time. Oftentimes legally separating is just as complex as getting divorced, and the legal proceedings can get expensive fast. Whenever possible, we find that trial and permanent separations are the most convenient choices.

Choosing Between Trial Separation vs Legal Separation

After reading this article, you can finally decide between a trial separation vs legal separation. Since separations are something that has to be done with the consent of sides, you’ll need to talk with your spouse before making the choice. Reach out to your spouse this week and set up a phone call where you can discuss the pros and cons of each option. After you decide what direction to head in, call a family lawyer, and get advice on how to proceed. For more tips like these, check out the rest of this site.

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