Why You Should Hire Resolvly

If you have difficulty paying off debt, you probably feel that you have to go at it alone because you don’t want to pester friends or loved ones for money. But you don’t have to deal with your debts alone; you can contact a debt law firm like Resolvly. Here are the reasons why you should consider seeking out the assistance of a debt law firm.

An Attorney Is Able to Defend You If You’re Faced with Litigation

A creditor may want to sue you, and if that were to happen, an attorney can be at your side to defend you. Having an attorney really comes in handy if a creditor violates a law like the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act because they can advise you about what to do in a specific situation.

Lawyers Require Face-to-Face Meetings

With face-to-face meetings, you and your prospective attorney can get to know each other better, plus you can evaluate the lawyer’s professionalism by their actions and office environment. If you were to seek help from a suspicious “debt settlement company” that you came across in an unsolicited email or phone call, you could be robbed of your hard-earned money and be even deeper in debt!

A Lawyer Will Provide Many Options for You

A reputable lawyer is willing to offer you several options. They can suggest something like filing for bankruptcy. Unlike an attorney, a debt settlement company would do everything possible to convince you to hire it.

Hiring an Attorney Guarantees Strong Consumer Protection

Many states provide recovery funds for clients whose lawyers take advantage of them. Also, most attorneys follow a code that mandates them to charge reasonable fees and carry out the agreements they made with clients.

An Attorney Has Years of Knowledge and Experience

Since an attorney has been to law school and possesses years of experience under their belt, they’re able to negotiate a settlement that would greatly benefit you, especially if a creditor sues you.

Most Attorneys Care About Their Clients

Unfortunately, since many debt settlements companies are for-profit establishments, they won’t tell you important things that you need to know like how you’ll be hit with interest charges and other fees once you stop making payments on any unsecured loans and other debts. They can use this as an excuse to pursue litigation against you. An attorney wants to make money, too, but that’s not their only goal. They want to ensure that you have all the information you need and that they’re available if you need extra help.

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