What Types Of Claims Can I File With A Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have recently been hurt, and are seeking the ability to be compensated for any lost income, medical expenses, or because of any damages due to the accident, then finding a personal injury attorney will be a priority. However there are multiple different types of claims that you can file with a personal injury attorney, so you need to be prepared when you start seeking the lawyer. Therefore, in the following brief below you will learn a little bit more of different types of claims that you can file with personal injury attorneys, as well as a few tips to help you be more prepared when you contact them. 

Different Types Of Claims And Tips 

When you file a claim with a personal injury attorney olympia wa, the first thing that you need to understand are the different types of claims that they can handle. There are two main types of claims that can be filed for personal injury accidents. They are first party claims and third-party claims. 

First-Party Claims: According to Wikipedia, “Personal injury protection (PIP) is an extension of car insurance available in some U.S. states that covers medical expenses and, in some cases, lost wages and other damages. PIP is sometimes referred to as “no-fault” coverage because the statutes enacting it are generally known as no-fault laws, and PIP is designed to be paid without regard to “fault,” or more properly, legal liability.” Therefore, when a person will file a first party claim it can usually be handled through the insurance company. However, depending on the damages done by the accident or the situations that happened with the accident can also be a determining factor if you’re going to file the first-party claim over a third-party claim. 

Third-Party Claims: Almost all third-party claims start from when you form a claim against the insurance provider of the person who was at fault for the accident or even the person’s business who was at fault. If you have been injured because of an accident it’s a wise decision to talk to a personal injury lawyer or the insurance company within 24 hours of the accident because it will help the claims process to get started through their investigations. Forbes recently states, “Personal injury cases are prime targets for manipulation and conjecture.” 

Preparation Tips: there are a few different types of tips that can be taken into account if there is an accident and you have been hurt. One of the first things to do is to document everything that you can remember as well as poor pretty pictures that were taken from the accident. The next step would be to talk to an attorney as soon as possible and to make sure that you have gotten the other parties insurance information if it was available. You may need to be prepared for an appeals process as some claims can be more complicated over others, however, the personal injury attorney, as well as the insurance companies, will help calculate the number of wages that you potentially can get to give you more of an idea. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, when looking into an accident that you were a part of whether was your fault or someone else’s, it’s a good idea to obtain as much information as possible as well as contact a personal injury attorney soon as possible to get your claim filing process started. Therefore do not hesitate to talk to a professional as they have been handling claims like these four years and know the serious damages that could do to your life if compensation was not available.

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