What is the term Divorce means in social life?

One might think that it is a private matter of the spouses to go their separate ways and submit their divorce. But marriage is more than just the promise of living together. Who wants this, can and must do without the marriage. Another aspect is that marital cohabitation involves many other obligations. This includes the responsibility for common children, responsibility for economic and financial obligations, shared assets and not least the provision for old age. If the marriage is dissolved, arrangements must be made to meet all these obligations. In the divorce proceedings, the custody and right of access for the children, gain of compensation, household effects and marital home and the equalization of benefits must therefore be taken into account.

Divorce with the divorce application

The task of the lawyer is to crystallize from the factual presentation of the client that which is actually relevant for the divorce petition. Everything else interests the family judge not or at best on the sidelines. For this reason, an applicant in family court proceedings can only negotiate and file applications in the presence of the lawyer. The lawyer signs the divorce petition and submits it to the family court. They will have to do this on a corresponding form issued a mandate of the client. But what about the filing court petition on your own? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. The uncontested divorce petition without the help of the lawyer is only a matter four easy steps. Click here to know the details. With the help of this you can not only file your divorce petition but also you can make the case stronger and easier. Even if you see, you will find that you have saved a lot of money that you would give to the lawyer to draft a petition.

Divorces are costly: You can save your fees

Above all, they are nerve-wracking and emotionally stressful. If the partners want to avoid these circumstances, it is advisable to agree on a divorce settlement. In such an agreement, profit sharing, separation maintenance, post-marital maintenance, children’s custody and access rights, household effects, marital home and pension equalization are regulated by mutual agreement. Divorce settlements agreements can be agreed before the divorce but then require the notarization. The mere written agreement between the partners is not enough. As an alternative, it is possible to record the divorce consequences in the appointment for oral proceedings before the family judge. In order to avoid any surprises and especially disagreements, the previous notarial certification is recommended.

Conclusion: What personal requirements should be met?

However, the legal representative requires the approval of the family or guardianship court for the application. Before the notarial certification in turn, a competent legal advice is recommended, the result of which is then notarized. You must submit certain documents required by law to the family court, Copy of family book or marriage certificate, Copy of birth certificate of common children, Certified copy of a possibly certified notarial divorce settlement agreement, Forms for applying for pension compensation, Template identity card in divorce and Legal aid application along with original content documents, evidence of debt, lease.

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