The Different Types Of Personal Injury Case

The first thing that comes to mind of many when they hear of a personal injury attorney is a car accident case. While car accident lawsuits are the most common type of cases that they handle, it is important to note that other than the mentioned cases, they can handle an array of different lawsuits. Keep reading to learn more.

Who is a Personal Injury Attorney? 

Simply put, a personal injury attorney is an individual who renders legal presentation to individuals who suffer physical or psychological injuries due to the negligence of another person, business entity or organization. Based on the definition, the injuries are not necessarily as a result of a car accident but can also be as a result of someone’s failure to perform their duty well. Apart from auto accidents, below are some of the cases that a personal injury lawyer Ronkonkoma NY can help you handle 

Types of Personal Injury Cases 

The law requires every property owner to ensure that their premise is safe and hazard free so that those who are on it do not become injured. Therefore, when someone slips, falls or incurs injuries that could have been prevented on the premise, the property owner is often held liable. For instance, if the property is in the process of being painted, the owner should ensure he/she warns those who are in it of wet or slippery paint by placing posters all over the painted areas so those who come in and out can be careful. If they fail to do so and you slip and injure yourself, then you are allowed to file a lawsuit against them. 

Medical Malpractice 

Even though most doctors and health personnel perform their roles in an exceptionally skilled manner, sometimes they may make costly mistakes which change your life forever. For instance, during a surgical operation, a surgeon might forget a needle inside your body exposing you to fatal risks. Another one might misdiagnose you, causing you to take medications that do you more harm than good. Others fail to treat a condition that could have been prevented from worsening or perform the wrong treatment, for instance, amputating the wrong leg. Even though in some cases it is a mistake, in most cases medical malpractice is as a result of negligence. Therefore, if you feel that a particular disease or health situation would have been prevented if handled differently, then you may have a potential medical malpractice claim that a personal injury attorney can help you handle or offer more legal advice about it. 

Other Personal Injury Cases 

-Workplace accidents 
-Injuries/damages as a result of defective products 
-Nursing home abuse 
-Wrongful death 

In a nutshell, the field of personal injury is quite broad. There’s just so much to it! Therefore, if you have a case that you think might qualify under personal injuries ensure you consult a highly proficient and experienced attorney who specializes in this realm.

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