Points To Note When You Are Involved In A Motorcycle Accident In Miami

Riding a motorcycle is fun, the breeze on your face can be enthralling but the possibilities of accidents are more when you ride a motorcycle when compared to driving a car. Even though you take the most precautions while riding a motorcycle the chances of injury are high. In fact, a large number of crashes happen due to other people’s mistakes.

I spoke to a leading Car accident attorney Miami about motorcycle accidents and he said that you should keep the following points in mind if you are involved in one:

  • If an accident occurs you should inform the police immediately and even if you are doing fine without any injury. A report with the police is necessary for processing insurance claims. If you have injuries list them out so that they are mentioned in the police report. If police do not arrive on the scene you should head to a police station and make a report of the incident.
  • If your motorcycle meets with an accident ensure that you get the details of the other driver. You should get information such as identification proof and insurance, if the driver does not have the information you should call the police immediately. Even if the police arrive and note the details you should note the information too.
  • If you can gather witnesses and their details it will surely help if you need to take legal recourse.
  • Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone and every phone comes with a good camera. You should take photographs of the accident and even videotape the wreckage, the driver, the witnesses etc., as it could help you in court. Do not move anything while you take the photographs. Ask someone to take your photographs too, take photographs of injuries, take photographs with your helmet etc.
  • Document everything that happened by taking notes. Take notes of the perpetrator of the accident, take notes of all your injuries, even if it is a small scratch. Some injuries can make their presence felt after a few days such as head injuries so be thorough.
  • Even if you are feeling alright, you need to check in to a hospital. A thorough check would be needed to ensure that there are no head injuries or injuries to the spine. Some insurance companies will pay for these but you need to ensure that you are safe first, money can be claimed for insurance companies later.

That said always make it a point to drive safe, follow traffic rules and never ever ride a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol other intoxicants. Drive within speed limits and always keep your focus on the road and you will most probably get by without accidents.

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