Hiring Tips

Whether you are an old hand at hiring workers for your business or new to the responsibility, there are a set of “must dos” for each candidate that you are seriously considering hiring. Never side-step the procedures to speed up the process. Check all the boxes for fair and equitable hiring that protects both the job-seeker and yourself.

Due Diligence

Although it can be time consuming, it’s important to complete all the records check on potential employees including a criminal and a driving record background check. In addition, references and former employers should be phoned or emailed. If anything unethical happens while this new hire is on the job, you don’t want to be held accountable for not doing your due diligence.


It takes an extra step, but many candidates can be weeded out with a prescreening phone call. At the same time, an applicant who barely made the cut on paper might improve mightily over the phone. Have a set of questions ready regarding salary considerations and other themes that might reveal whether each candidate would fit into your office.

Interview Effectively

The best interviewers put the candidates at ease because, after all, you’ll want the best version of the applicant working for you rather than the nervous Nelly at your interview. Throw in a few conversational questions to help start the interview off right such as what the candidate is reading or what they wished they had learned in business school.  It’s important to ask a standard set of questions to compare across candidates, but don’t be afraid to improvise if you get intrigued by a particular answer. It’s okay to probe for more depth to really understand an applicant’s thought process.

Interviewing job candidates is a tiring process for both parties involved. Don’t get weary and take shortcuts by leaving steps out, however, or you may find yourself shortchanged in the long run by an employee who doesn’t quite fit.

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