Criminal Law Attorney, a Respected Profession

Life brings many surprises. Some surprises aren’t always pleasant; however, we keep our composure and deal with unpleasant situations the best way possible. Criminal lawyers understand this all too well. They understand that sometimes good people find themselves in bad situations. Criminal lawyers have come to the rescue of many people and as long as we are a nation of laws, will continue to do so. 

Attorneys can be utilized by individuals, groups or companies. An individual can hire a lawyer privately or the state can provide a lawyer for that person or group. When the state has to provide the attorney, the attorney is considered a public defender. During the process of arrest and the investigation of the charges bought the attorney will be there, to make sure everything is done by the book. His/her job is to make sure that none of the client’s rights have been denied.

Some of the things the attorney may look into are: Was the client’s rights read to him? Was a search warrant obtained, in cases whereas the client’s home was searched? Was the area in which the crime was committed, was it kept secure or was there a chance that the area was tainted? 

The attorney representing the individual, upon hire, will began examining the situation by looking into the actual charges brought against the client. Are the charges valid? Were there witnesses? Could the incident have been committed by someone else? If the client is convicted, reducing the sentence will be a huge part of what the attorney will work on. And finally, the attorney and client will need to decide if they have a chance to appeal. Criminal lawyers have their hands full from day one. 

Criminal lawyers, normally deal with persons involved in either misdemeanor or felony charges. Different types of misdemeanors could consist of burglary, DUI, violation of a restraining order etc; all of these are Class A misdemeanors. Committing these crimes could result in 12 months of jail time. Another type of misdemeanor is called Class B. Graffiti, theft of property worth more than $50, but no more than $500, prostitution, indecent exposure etc. And then there are Class C misdemeanors which could include leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, disorderly conduct etc. Now, felonies are an entirely different situation, whereas the crime is a lot more severe. Felonies could include arson, rape, murder and more. 

To become a lawyer, it will help quite a bit to have a knack for communicating, reading, investigating and researching. Much of your time in college will involve reading and researching. After attending 4 years in an undergraduate school, the student will then choose a law school. Typically it takes 3 years of studying at this school to receive a degree. States require attorneys to complete a (J.D.) degree from a college accredited by the American Bar Association. So whether you are a criminal law attorney Atlantic City NJ or one in Austin, TX, if you are a practicing attorney, most likely you’re educated and trained and know what you’re doing. 

A J.D. degree is a Juris Doctor degree. This type of degree includes contract law and constitutional law. As a lawyer, regardless of what type of lawyer, it is always good to know and understand constitutional law, because it’s dealing specifically with an individual’s rights. Also, having knowledge about contract law is vital in a society that relies heavily on contracts in just about all areas of life. The Juris Doctor degree also includes courses concerning legal writing, civil procedure and property law.

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