Opening Your Heart and Home

For most of us, discovering a pregnancy is a time of rejoicing and celebrating. Anticipating the arrival of the new baby brings loads of preparation, doctor’s visits and a wealth of well-meaning advice. For some, though, a positive pregnancy test brings an almost insurmountable amount of stress. Some people aren’t equipped financially, mentally, physically or emotionally to dedicate themselves to a baby’s needs and wants. Raising a child is a big commitment. For those who know they can’t do it, adoption Cypress TX is a good option.

Not What You Think

So many people’s images of adoption are fixed by dramatic movies and TV. Let’s remind ourselves: that’s fiction. In America, many adoptions are of the step-parent variety. Of those that aren’t, well over half of all adoptions come from the child welfare or foster system. About a quarter of all adoptions are from foreign countries and about 15% come from babies that are voluntarily relinquished by their birth parents. The days of turning a child over on the hospital steps are long gone. Adoptive parents are thoroughly checked by state-certified agencies and social workers long before the child ever becomes a permanent resident of their new home.

Thinking About It?

Whether you’re a prospective adoptive parent or a birth parent looking into placing your child with a loving family, one place to look for resources on what to expect is the internet. There are thousands of stories circulating from each perspective because adoption affects everyone differently. Despite the fact that there are few absolutes regarding the emotions surrounding adoptions, there are some pretty good guidelines most people can follow. For birth parents, consider counseling. Talking to a neutral party about your feelings is a good way to reconcile your decision and let go of any guilt you have. For adoptive parents, think of a way of making your child’s adoption part of their life story. Emphasize the fact that your child is wanted, not discarded. For adopted kids, don’t let anyone tell you you’re not valued. You are. You are special, important and loved.

Adoption can be a viable option for a baby who needs more than birth parents can provide.

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