Mistakes That May Impact Your Ability to Recover Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you have been the victim of a workplace accident, injury, or illness, filing a workers’ compensation claim can help you recover damages to cover your lost wages and medical bills. Unfortunately, the claims process is often confusing and complicated. This is why you may make some mistakes along the way.

While mistakes may occur, one of the best ways to avoid them is to hire a workers compensation lawyer Canonsburg PA. You can also learn what the most common mistakes are below.

Mistake: Not Reporting the Injury

If you are injured at work, you must report the incident immediately. Don’t just tell your boss or manager, submit a written report. This creates a paper trail and proof of when you first took action. If you cannot do this, the other party may claim the injury did not occur while at work or may even downplay its severity.

Mistake: Not Seeking Medical Care or Treatment

If you don’t seek medical treatment for your workplace illness or injury, or if you don’t follow the doctor’s orders for treatment, it may put you at risk to have the claim denied. The goal of workers’ compensation benefits is to ensure injured workers receive compensation for medical treatment and to make up for any lost income when they cannot work. If you don’t seek care, it can raise red flags, and it could be assumed you were not injured or that the injury wasn’t as serious as you claimed.

Don’t Take Chances with Workers’ Compensation

If you suffer a workplace injury or accident, you can’t take chances with your ability to recover compensation. By hiring an attorney and avoiding the mistakes here, you will have a higher likelihood of being awarded the compensation deserved. Keep this in mind if you are pursuing workers’ compensation damages.

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