It’s Was Only a Rock, Officer!

You remember having a couple of beers with friends before you headed off to meet your parents at their favorite restaurant. As you slipped from the seat of your truck, you brushed off your blue jeans, tucked in your sleeveless t-shirt, and entered the eatery. Unfortunately, the greeter refused to let you into the establishment because your arms weren’t covered. After a few choice words, you left the area, slamming the door as you went. Grabbing a rock off the ground, you threw it as hard as you could through the plate glass window. Smiling with satisfaction, you headed next door to the market, where you bought some beer and chips and went to sit in your truck to eat your impromptu meal. That is where the police found and arrested you for destruction of property. Now that you have been arrested, here is what you can expect next.

  1. Informing

The police will ask for your personal information as they arrest you. The officers will also read you your Miranda rights before they take you to jail.

  1. Booking

At jail, you will be photographed and fingerprinted. You may be asked to relinquish some of your personal items and clothing, but the objects will be returned when you are released. Next, you will be moved into the cell to wait for a meeting with the judge, where you will be told an amount for your bail.

  1. Bonding

Once the court announced your bail bond collateral Arkansas amount, you can contact a bonding company and make arrangements for your release. You will be required to put up 10% of the amount in cash or collateral before you are freed. Remember to read the contract you sign with the bonding company because you could lose your entire bail amount if you don’t follow the instructions.

Being arrested is never a good idea. So, next time you want to have dinner with your parents, you may want to wear a shirt with sleeves and be kind to the greeter.

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