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It is time to clear the basic idea to hire the bet defense lawyer

Several films and series portray the job-responsibility of the criminal lawyer. It arouses the interest of many professionals and students in the area, besides the various police cases that appear in the newspapers daily. The reality is that the law has a wide variety of options in the fields to which the professional can direct his services and studies, one of them being the criminal area – one of the most well-known and offering several possibilities of action. If you want to hire the best Overland Park DUI lawyer, you should know more about Criminal Law and the areas of practice of a criminal lawyer.

Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law

A criminal lawyer should have a thorough understanding of both criminal law and criminal procedural law. Criminal law is the legal sector that takes care of crimes and crimes, from its regulation to the application of penalties, besides dictating the rules and rights that each person must follow. Criminal Procedural Law establishes a set of rules that regulate Criminal Law, since it disciplines the acts that integrate the necessary procedure for the application of a penalty or measure. In this way, Criminal Procedural Law establishes the procedural measures necessary for the realization of Criminal Law, defines competences and establishes procedures.

Public criminal career

To enter the public career, you must pass public examinations, tests and titles. In some cases, there is still a requirement that the professional has previous experience in law. The public criminal area is represented by the work of the Public Ministry, the Police and the Courts. Thus, there are several options of professions that work within the scope of Public Criminal Law.

Private criminal career

The professional trained in law also has the option of specializing in the field of Criminal Law to act in the private area as a criminal lawyer defending the interest of his client – who may be the plaintiff or the defendant in the action, depending on the procedural position in which he meet. In cases where the lawyer acts for the defendant, his duty is to promote a defense that is in accordance with the precepts of the legal system, without taking into account the client’s guilt or innocence.

Corresponding advocacy

The corresponding lawyer is the professional who acts remotely, performing acts that are part of a judicial process for other lawyers – especially those who have an office in another location and who, to reduce the costs of travel and accommodation of their employees, hire lawyers from city ​​in which the case is in order to carry out specific procedural acts. The professional in the field can act autonomously or as an employee in a specific law firm.

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