How to Network With Your Future in Mind

When you start a business, you cut costs by only hiring a few employees. While you don’t need to create full-fledged departments in your first year of business, it’s a good idea to reach out to people in the following professions. That way, if something goes wrong, you already have contacts in your network who can help you.


Lawyers generally choose an area in which to specialize, so when you reach out to lawyers for help, make sure you meet people who have experience in your field. For example, making contact with an immigration attorney isn’t very helpful when you need the assistance of a commercial transactions lawyer Long Island. Lawyers help you understand new laws related to your field and also let you know if your actions violate laws that you’re not aware of, so their expertise is crucial.


Right now, your finances are simple; you pay your vendors, complete your employees’ payroll, keep up with your bills, and draw your salary from the leftovers. However, as you add employees, services, and locations, your budget becomes extremely complicated, especially during tax season. Reach out to accountants who have experience with corporate finance and consider hiring one to help file your taxes.

Human Resources Representatives

People who work in human resources handle issues between your employees and complaints your employees have with you. They also handle serious legal proceedings such as Title IX complaints and issues with discrimination or harassment. If you can’t afford HR representatives right now, ask one or two to help you establish your complaint process and designate another employee to oversee it. Since your employees are more willing to report problems if you’re not in charge of the process, hire an HR team as soon as possible.

Prepare for future difficulties by networking with lawyers, accountants, and HR experts today.

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