Consequences of Jumping Bail

When someone is released on bail, the person is released using the bail amount paid to the court as collateral. The bail amount acts as an assurance that the accused will continue to attend to court dates for a trial or other court appearances as directed by the court. However, when the accused gets released from jail and fails to appear for court hearings to avoid imprisonment or prosecution, it’s known as skipping or jumping bail. Unfortunately, what most people don’t know is that the consequences of jumping bail can be severe, both financially and legally. Here are some of the effects of jumping bail.

Financial Liability

The first and obvious consequence of skipping bail is that you lose the posted bail money. Sometimes an accused person pays a portion of the bail amount using cash and the remaining using collateral. Also, if you had contracted a bail bonds west chester pa to bail you out, you risk losing your collateral. Usually, the bail bond companies track down the defendants and bring them to court for the bounty placed.

Civil Liability

The person who posts bail on behalf of the accused faces civil liability when the accused fails to attend court hearings. The person becomes accountable because they indemnified the agreement for the appearance of the accused. Therefore, you must talk to the accused and make sure that he attends all the court dates given by the court.

Legal Liability

Jumping bail has severe legal liability on the accused. It is a felony, and you risk facing other charges. In that case, the court revokes the bond and you get re-arrested. The court can even charge you prematurely for jumping bail if it discovers that you had already taken deliberate steps towards skipping court hearings.

You may be unable to attend court hearings due to genuine and unavoidable reasons. In such a case, make sure you talk to your lawyer or the bail bond company. They will communicate with the court on your behalf.

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