Cash Bail Bonds: What You Need to Know

Dealing with legal issues is not only disruptive to your life, but it is also expensive. Still, all things considered, you should count yourself lucky if your case involves a bailable offense; others are not allowed at any cost to post bail, which means they’ll have to sit in jail until their case is heard in court.

Bail or Jail

Having a bailable offense means that you can put up cash before the court so they can allow you to go home instead and await your trial from there. Posting bail is not done automatically, however; it must be applied to the court, which should then decide whether it will be accepted or not. 

Being out on bail also does not mean that you can go about your days like normal. There will most likely be restrictions, particularly in your movement, or in some cases, who you may or may not contact. The price of the bail will be set by the judge upon a preliminary study of your case. Once approved, you should then pay the bail, which will basically serve as a surety that you will show up in court as required for your trial. 

It all sounds fairly simple enough, except for the part where you might not necessarily have the funds to cover for the bail. This is where a cash bail bond service comes in. 

What is a Cash Bail Bond

A cash bail bond company essentially steps in to put up the cash required for the bail in case the person charged with the offense does not have the funds ready for it. Simply put, the company pays the bail upfront with cash, which means that the defendant is now going to be indebted to the company. 

All the defendant has to do is show up to all court appearances until the end of the trial. Once the legal proceedings are done, the bail money is then returned to the cash bail bond company, without any prejudice to the results of your hearing.

If you miss out on a hearing or try to skip town, the bail will not be returned to the company, which means that you will have to pay the agency with the amount of bail plus interests. Keep in mind also that these transactions will usually require a surety in itself as well. 

This means that you may need to put up collateral before you can even be approved for a bail bond. It can be valuables like property, memorabilia, or even your own home’s mortgage. The implications of getting a cash bail bond service are therefore grave and serious, which is why it should never be taken lightly. 

Also note that failure to collect might result in further legal proceedings against you, which essentially brings you back right where you started from.

Ultimately, therefore, while cash bail bond companies are there to get you out of a quick bind, you should still maintain responsibility for your duties as a defendant out on bail. Make sure to get in touch with a proven and trusted cash bail bond agency in the event that you need it, so you can have as smooth a transaction as possible.

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