An Overview Of Parental Sponsorship In Canada

In Canada, there are many immigration offices, to help in getting parental sponsorship.  Generally this process is very difficult in Toronto. If a perfect parental sponsorship lawyer in Toronto, Canada argues in the case for us, then it is easy to win in this process. Canadian Immigration Office offers the service of providing the contacts of successful parental sponsorship lawyers who can get us the sponsorship earlier. Let us have a detailed description of the parental sponsorship in this essay.

What Is Sponsorship?

The work of sponsoring is nothing but the act supporting an event, organization financially, person, activity or through the provision of products or services. The individual person who provides the support, basic needs of that specified person is known as the sponsor. The whole process is known as sponsorship. It can be provided for any kind of persons like parent, child, spouse, etc.

Who Can’t Sponsor?

  • The sponsoring person is less than 18 years.
  • The person who is sponsoring does not live in Canada. He is not a Canadian citizen.
  • The resident process for that appropriate person is in process.
  • If the person is a temporary resident, then it is not possible for that person to give sponsorship.
  • The proof of income shows that the adopting person is not having a proper financial status.
  • The person has attempted any criminal activity. If he has gone to jail, prison or penitentiary.
  • If the person has not paid back the immigration loan or a performance bond, then that person can’t give the sponsorship
  • If he has declared any bankruptcy and is not discharged.
  • If the person staying illegally in Canada.
  • If that corresponding person is convicted to a violent criminal offense.

How To Apply To Sponsor Anyone?

If a person wants to sponsor he must have to do the following steps:

  • The sponsoring person wants to apply for that appropriate process.
  • The parents whom the sponsor wants to adopt must have to apply.
  • The sponsorship and permanent resident applications should have to be sent at the same time.
  • Then the appropriate invitation with corresponding details will be sent to the adopter.
  • Pay the corresponding application fees.
  • The application fees are paid online and it is of two types:
    • Biometric fees
    • Third-party fees.
  • After completing the above-mentioned process, then the application has to be submitted.
  • The application is returned if it does not satisfy the following conditions :
    • It is not completed properly.
    • There is any fees balance
    • If the application is not received within the given deadline specified in the invitation.

And finally, after applying completely, with the help of parental sponsorship lawyer in Toronto, Canada we can get the sponsorship.

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