4 Things Road Construction Workers Want You To Know

Road construction is necessary to keep America’s highways moving.  The men and women who build, repair, repave, and otherwise take care of the roadways are an integral part of that process. You already know what they do for you, but here are four things they would like for you to know.  

Slow Down

Despite the ample signage and increased fines, many people simply do not slow down when they come upon road construction. Even with large light towers Washington, workers on the night shift can still be struck by passing vehicles, oftentimes with fatal results. Regardless of what other drivers are doing, be sure to slow down whenever you’re near a construction zone. It may save a life or even just a traffic citation.

Obey Signs

Many people disobey “Road Closed” and “Detour” signs, thinking they can sneak by the construction site anyway. This could lead to a car accident or even an injury to one of the workers. Even if you can’t see that work is being done, obey the signs and find an alternate route.

Take Turns

Drivers will often try to cram into one lane all at once to try to get ahead. Unfortunately, it usually just ends up in more delays and fender benders. Instead, use the zipper method to alternate cars through to avoid backups. The people working on the roads will be safer, and you’ll get to your destination faster.

Expect Delays

If you know a road is under construction, leave a little earlier. There’s nothing worse than impatient drivers who take risks to get around other vehicles or construction equipment because they’re late for work. Pay attention to signs that announce roadwork and the times posted ahead of the project, if any.

Road construction workers do so much to keep you moving. All they ask in return is that you pay attention to what you need to know.

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