4 Benefits of Video Depositions

Most depositions result in words on paper, which can be difficult to follow, especially if exhibits accompany the narrative. Although witnesses will be questioned live during the trial, legal counsel may find it helpful during their trial preparation to have videotaped witness depositions. Therefore, they may consider looking for services offering video deposition Boston MA.

Understanding References

Exhibits or references can be clearly explained on video. Watching an interviewee may improve the understanding of actions, scenes or other evidence. For example, a witness may be asked to demonstrate an action or sketch a scene. This type of action may be difficult to visualize clearly by reading text. Referencing or explaining slides or photos will also be easier because the witness can point to the exact part of the image being discussed.

Openness of the Witness

Because interviewees believe they are speaking to judges and juries, they may be more forthcoming than they would during traditional depositions. In addition, witnesses may believe that others will evaluate their answers and behavior, so they may avoid trying to deceive the interviewer.

Greater Observation Opportunities

Videos capture the behaviors of the interviewees. Because they can be played again and again, legal counsel can look for slight nuances in the interviewees’ behavior. For example, they may appear fidgety during specific questions or avoid eye contact during others. Because they have the opportunity to review the footage, lawyers should be able to identify lies, fears or other behavioral tells.

Insight and Prediction Capabilities

In addition, these depositions allow advocates to predict how cases will turn out because they can predict how witnesses will testify during the trial. The witnesses’ actions and wording will be similar, if not the same, during a trial as it was during the deposition.

Depositions that are videotaped can provide valuable information to legal counsel about the witness and incident in question. They should be considered, especially in challenging cases or with difficult witnesses.  

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