3 Things To Expect When Working as a Police Officer

The life of a police officer may seem glamorous to people who are only familiar with depictions of the life from movies or television shows. However, it is actually a career that is full of hard work and can be very physically demanding. It also involves rigorous training and long, irregular hours. While that may not appeal to everyone, some people find the work to be incredibly rewarding.

1. Irregular Hours

Criminals do not work set hours, and emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night. Police officers need to be alert and ready to act during their entire shift. An officer who nods off while driving or is too fatigued to catch criminals due to lack of sleep will not last long in the force. Aspiring police officers should be willing and able to work whenever required, including nights, weekends and holidays.

2. Rigorous Training

Many people drop out of the police academy because they cannot handle the rigors of training. There is classroom learning to deal with, so candidates should be prepared to pay attention and study hard to pass tests. Physical fitness is important, as officers need to run around wearing police equipment Jamaica NY while doing their jobs. Training is also required for shooting firearms, administering first aid, driving and defensive tactics.

3. A Varied Day

Each call received is different in some way. Police officers should be ready for whatever comes their way, from domestic abuse calls to car accidents to theft or murder. Some days may be better than others, but officers should never get complacent.

Being a police officer can be incredibly rewarding, as helping citizens in the event of an emergency or acting to save lives can make a bad day worthwhile. While the job may not be for everyone, the right people have the chance to make a big difference in their community.

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