3 Things to Consider Before Planting a Tree

Trees can hold a special place in your heart. You may have a favorite childhood tree that you would sit under or climb. Now you want to plant a tree in your yard not only for beauty but for the memories of your children. Before you plant your tree you will want to consider these three things.

1. Tree Care

Once a tree starts growing it can be pretty low maintenance, but some maintenance will be required. Pruning, watering and debris clean up are a few things you will have to stay on top of. Especially as trees grow you will want to be prepared to find professional tree care Youngsville so that tall branches can be taken care of appropriately. 

2. Surrounding Area

You don’t want to plant a tree just anywhere. Be aware of the view out your windows and if the tree will eventually block it. Also, be aware of where the debris will fall. You want to make sure you don’t plant a tree to close the fence line so then your neighbors have to deal with the mess from your tree. Plant trees far enough away from the house so roots don’t mess with any foundation or plumbing. 

3. Type of Tree

There are hundreds of types of trees you can plant in your yard. You will want to think about the goals you want your tree to accomplish. Do you want a shade tree, a climbing tree or a tree just for beauty? You may want to consider a magnolia tree for beauty. You get beautiful flowers in the spring and yellow leaves that fall in the Autumn. Many people like to plant maple trees as they can be great for shade and turn fiery red and orange in the Fall. 

Trees are such a powerful organism that withstand all the elements of nature. As you consider planting a tree think about the maintenance, the environment and your goals.

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