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When Practice Is Not Perfect

No matter if you’re going to traffic court, civil court, or God forbid, criminal court, either way, going to court sucks. But, imagine going to court with an incompetent lawyer to boot? Say you are the defendant in a civil suit or even worse, in a criminal case. Your lawyer dropped the ball so much so, that it cost you your livelihood and even worse, your freedom. What do you do? Well, if your attorney was negligent, the first thing you do is contact a legal malpractice attorney. 

We hear the term malpractice attorney often enough and know what that means. If you’ve somehow suffered injury from a hospital, then you know to hire a malpractice attorney. However, a legal malpractice attorney sounds almost foreign. But, just as hospitals have a duty to perform dutifully and properly, attorneys are held to the same accountability measure. Of course, you cannot sue your attorney just because you lost your case, however, if he or she failed to meet basic criteria, then you may have a case of malpractice. 

As a professional, your lawyer must provide service that is competent and skillful. He or she should be abreast of any laws and have a reasonable knowledge of information pertaining to your case. Proving legal malpractice can be extremely difficult and the basic determining criteria can be subjective and a bit vague. Mainly, you have to be able to show that without the attorney’s actions or negligence, you would have won your case otherwise. 

Though the American Bar Association requires that attorneys adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct, winning a case like this will take an experienced legal malpractice attorney. Though California just recently joined the rest of the nation’s code of ethics, searching for a legal malpractice attorney los angeles will give you plenty of lawyers to choose from. If you are overwhelmed by the process and not sure where to start, a little research will go a long way. After narrowing down legal malpractice attorneys in your area, try to see if you can find any reviews. If not, check out their website to see what their experience is and credentials are. 

This can be a trying process but the last thing you want to do is retain an 
incompetent lawyer to handle a negligence claim. Once you’ve finally retained your attorney, it won’t hurt to aid in the legal process as well. Do your research as well and share whatever information you may have discovered. Sure, you’re paying him to do the work for you but remember, this is your life and no one will ever care as much as you. 

Being diligent and assertive when it comes to our situations, whether they be legal or medical, can help eliminate issues of malpractice and enable us to achieve our desired outcome. Asking questions and doing research goes a very long way. You’d be surprised by how often a patient has brought up an issue that the doctor had overlooked. At the end of the day, we are all just human and, sometimes, human beings make mistakes. Unfortunately, those mistakes can have tumultuous consequences. 

Communicating our needs and concerns is an integral part of obtaining what we want. Communication is the difference between prevention, which is easy, and fixing, which is hard. Therefore, it is much better to ask for what you want, than to complain about what you didn’t get.

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