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Things you should know about child support in Florida

Florida Child Custody Law

What is child support?

Child support is payment from the higher income parent to the lower income parent, which is intended to pay for meeting the basic living necessities of the child. These necessities will include items such as electricity, living quarters, food, and water. A common misconception is that child support will go directly to the child, however, its true purpose is a general reimbursement for covering the cost of living of the household where the children live. Child support in Florida is determined by the courts,which is guided bya chart published in the statutes of Florida.

Florida child support laws are pretty clear. If there are any minor children, then there is child support. That is a true statement in 99% of the cases of child custody. The child support statutes and the court are very clear on this issue – the parents of children have to pay for supporting the child.

Child support is paying for the basic roof over the children’s heads, water, electricity, food, and several other essentials. In many cases, support is also paying for health insurance. A parent that has the children the majority of the time receive support, and the other parent pays support.

Overview of the child support in Florida

While raising the children is very expensive, the financial obligations will feel even harder when they are coming from separate accounts. It is a very unfortunate fact of life that the family cannot live as easily divided as it can live together. The standards of living of the full family are often lowered after the divorce, when leaving the courts in the position of dividing financial resources. A family together will learn to financially adjust to the changing needs of the children.Among divorced parents, these changing needs often will require a return trip to court in order to have the amount of the child support adjusted.

When you add this issue together with a parent who is refusing tomake court ordered payments of child support or cannot due to circumstances which are beyond their control, you can understand why the Florida family courts stay overwhelmed and packed. In the state of Florida, both of the parents have the legal obligation tosupport the child basedon their ability to do so. Floridafollows the Income Shares Model which means that the courts estimate the amount that parents would spend on their children or child if the family lived together in the same household.

This is a very sensitive issue, so it is important that you hire a Florida Lawyer. The lawyer will help you in processing all the formalities which are required for Florida child support Laws.

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