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Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help When You Have a Claim and Need to Fight

There are more than 700,000 claims filed every year involving personal injuries. These types of claims add up to billions of dollars. The most popular form of injury in the US are vehicle accidents. There are approximately 6 million accidents every year. With over 3 million yearly who are injured from these accidents. Public Liability is next in line, when it comes to claims. Have you ever seen a person fall in a public place, if the person files a claim, it will fall under a public liability claim. Product liability, work related injuries and medical malpractice are all personal injury categories. In 2017, over 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses occurred. When it comes to the type of injuries it varies. Cases that had to do with overexertion in lifting rose in the year 2017, while cases involving being hit by objects fell considerably. 

Types of medical injury claims can vary greatly. For example if a doctor misdiagnoses a person, there may be a chance for the victim to file a claim against him/her. Even a delayed diagnosis can raise questions, surgical errors, a failure to treat etc. Product injury claims tend to happen less often than car accidents or workplace injuries, etc however they do occur. Some claim examples are failure to provide accurate warnings/instructions, defective manufacture etc. Another example could be an automobile that is prone to loss control when turning corners or an electric blanket whose temperature rises quickly and dangerously causing burns etc. So injuries can take place in many ways, under many circumstances. Every year more than 2 million cases of nursing home issues occur. These issues are either abusive in nature or negligent. Due to the rise in the elderly population in the US this issue is of concern to many. 

Different forms of negligence are: 

a. Denying the person food 
b. Denying medication 
c. Abandoning the person etc. 

Neglect can be physical, financial and emotional. Forms of abuse can be sexual, spiritual, financial, physical and emotional. Abuse and neglect are crimes. To practice as a personal injury lawyer, the individual must pass a written ethics examination. Prior to that, of course an undergraduate academic degree is required. This could be an associate degree and bachelor degree, then the student will be expected to move on to attend a 3 year law school. Once the lawyer has completed his education, he/she will be expected to continue to take classes. These classes are called CLE or continuing legal education. Searching for a nursing home neglect attorney omaha ne will be the same as searching for one in laughlin nevada, they all must share the same basic credentials and training. 

There are 3 common ways lawyers can be paid. They can charge a flat fee, a contingency fee or an hourly fee. Contingency fees are more widely accepted by clients, however this form of payment is not used by all attorneys. The lawyer will receive a portion of the payment, if the case is won. Some lawyers will only charge a retainer fee, so that he/she can get started on the case. Afterwards it will be agreed upon, by the client and the attorney, how much will be charged if the case is settled prior to a lawsuit, or how much will be charged after a lawsuit is filed etc. Each client will need to sit down and discuss the cost, prior to moving forward.

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